Personal Work
"Mansion of the Skies"
Illustration and character to Motivate!
Okami fanart. 
Fanart: Riot's Wukong Design [Process Blog post]

Hungry Birds Prototype [Website] [Facebook] [Process Blog posts] [Direct Download TBA]
2D Art, Design and Animation - Game Jam 2015 game
The title screen
Story Intro Screen
Credits Screen
Main Menu Screen: Animated
VERSUS Mode Select Screen (No players selected)

VERSUS Mode shenanigans
VERSUS Mode; Incoming
CO-OP Mode Select Screen
Crazy CO-OP Mode
CO-OP Mode Game over screen
FOREVER HUGE Mode Select Screen
The Mother Bird
Animated Yellow baby bird sheet
Hungry Birds icon 
You're hungry aren't you?

GunBlocks Game Illustration [Client Website] [Process]
Illustrator and fleshed out existing in game designs; Disclaimer that the Gunblocks logo is made by & belongs to the Cookie Engine Team

Save My Tribe Visual Development

Footsteps Prototype Game 2D Art [Website] [Process] [Direct Download]
2D Character Design, 2D Art Assets, Title Animation and Graphic Design

Position: Vacant Visual Development [Website] [Facebook] [Process Video]
Visual Development Artist, Art Director, Director, Story Pitch, Prop texturer, Graphic Designer, 2D Production Artist, Matte Painter, Rendering and Lighting